QRV Frequenz als APRS Status Text senden – Send frequency as APRS status text

Wenn man mit APRS unterwegs ist, empfängt man viele andere Stationen, aber weiß meistens nicht, auf welcher Frequenz sie QRV sind, wenn man sie direkt ansprechen kann. Manchmal liest man Texte, wie “QRV auf DB0XH” oder ähnliches. Es gibt jedoch eine Möglichkeit, den Text so zu senden, dass man mit einem geeigneten Funkgerät direkt die Frequenz auswählen und dann Kontakt aufnehmen kann. Wie das geht, steht in der APRS Freq Spec. If you are driving with APRS, you might receive a lot of stations, but you never now how to reach them, if you want to talk to them. Sometimes you read status messages like “QRV on DB0XH”, which gives you a hint, but there is a much better way to transmit the frequency, so that the radio can be tuned to it with a few clicks. This is described in the APRS Freq Spec and I just tried it. And it works!

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Social media idea: APRS + Photo + Twitter = #aprsphoto

As I like photographing and hamradio I had the idea to combine both. Every day hams are sending APRS messages from all over the world, but all we see is a dot on a map. Isn’t that sad? Let’s show how it really looks where we do hamradio. Let’s show what’s behind the track on a map!

The idea is to take a photo and send a APRS beacon at the same place at the same time and post both on Twitter using the hashtag #aprsphoto.

I just started:

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Setting Symbol for RX-Igate with pymultimonaprs

Since a couple of weeks I am running a APRS RX-igate on a Raspberry PI with RTL-SDR dongle and pymultimonaprs. To show on the map that it’s a RX-only Igate it’s recommended to set the black diamond with a “R” overlay as a symbol. To do this you have to use “R” as table and “&” as a symbol.

Here is my configuration:

"beacon": {
"lat": ...,
"lng": ...,
"table": "R",
"symbol": "&",
"comment": "PyMultimonAPRS iGate",
"status": {
"text": "Raspberry PI - RX Igate",
"file": false

Yaesu FT1-XDE – My APRS settings

I was asked a couple of times about the APRS settings on the FT1-XDE, so I decided to list them here with some comments. Maybe it’s useful for somebody else.

To open the APRS settings, press [DISP] for a second and chose menu 9 (APRS) and press [ENT]

If you just want to start quickly, here are the basic settings:

4) APRS Modem: 1200bps
16) BEACON TX: manual
23) CALLSIGN: Put your callsign there
25) MY SYMBOL: Whatever you want as a symbol

Now leave the APRS settings, switch VFO B to 144.800 (if this is the APRS frequency used in your country) and then press F + 9 (BCONTX) and you will send your first APRS beacon message.

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