Find out the next ISS pass with APRS

Recently I found a twitter post from WA1GOV about a new service he offers (). If you send an APRS message with the content “ISS” to the callsign WA1GOV-10, you will receive the next ISS pass at your location as a message.

The only condition is that you are in the range of a TX-igate and that this TX-igate is aware of your position, so that it sends the message from the APRS-IS back to HF. I had some trouble with this. At the beginning I did not receive the ISS data, but I saw it at, so I sent a couple of more beacons and now I sucessfully received a message back. Beside the ISS there are also the following satellites available: AO-85,AO-91,AO-92,SO-50

Running SDRPlay with gqrx on Ubuntu 18.10

Since a long time, I was trying to get my SDRPlay running with gqrx on Ubuntu. A while ago, I successfully compiled everything I needed, but this lesson took hours and after the next Ubuntu update, it did not work anymore. Now I found a solution that is much easier. I did a lot of other changes on my system in parallel, so I am not 100% sure that the following steps are enough to get it running, but it works now for me.

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