Social media idea: APRS + Photo + Twitter = #aprsphoto

As I like photographing and hamradio I had the idea to combine both. Every day hams are sending APRS messages from all over the world, but all we see is a dot on a map. Isn’t that sad? Let’s show how it really looks where we do hamradio. Let’s show what’s behind the track on a map!

The idea is to take a photo and send a APRS beacon at the same place at the same time and post both on Twitter using the hashtag #aprsphoto.

I just started:

So take your camera or smartphone and show what’s really behind your APRS-message. Show your city, the landscape, special events or whatever you like.

Things that should be at least in your tweet:
1) Photo of the area you are
2) Screenshot of that shows where you are
3) A short description of the photo
4) Locator + City or area
5) Hashtag: #aprsphoto

Join my idea and use the hashtag #aprsphoto

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