Setting Symbol for RX-Igate with pymultimonaprs

Since a couple of weeks I am running a APRS RX-igate on a Raspberry PI with RTL-SDR dongle and pymultimonaprs. To show on the map that it’s a RX-only Igate it’s recommended to set the black diamond with a “R” overlay as a symbol. To do this you have to use “R” as table and “&” as a symbol.

Here is my configuration:

"beacon": {
"lat": ...,
"lng": ...,
"table": "R",
"symbol": "&",
"comment": "PyMultimonAPRS iGate",
"status": {
"text": "Raspberry PI - RX Igate",
"file": false

Yaesu FT1-XDE – My APRS settings

I was asked a couple of times about the APRS settings on the FT1-XDE, so I decided to list them here with some comments. Maybe it’s useful for somebody else.

To open the APRS settings, press [DISP] for a second and chose menu 9 (APRS) and press [ENT]

If you just want to start quickly, here are the basic settings:

4) APRS Modem: 1200bps
16) BEACON TX: manual
23) CALLSIGN: Put your callsign there
25) MY SYMBOL: Whatever you want as a symbol

Now leave the APRS settings, switch VFO B to 144.800 (if this is the APRS frequency used in your country) and then press F + 9 (BCONTX) and you will send your first APRS beacon message.

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Yaesu FT1XDE – most annoying things

Since a couple of weeks I own a Yaesu FT1-XDE handheld with built-in GPS and APRS. In general I am quite happy with this transceiver (maybe because I don’t have another one to compare) but there a quite a few things that are really annoying. Usability is definitely not one of the qualities of this handheld but maybe a device for amateur radio operators needs to be complicated 😉

Or maybe I just did fully understand the possibilities of the device and there are better ways to achive the functionality I want. So I will start a list now with the most annoying things and maybe we can have a discussion here with hints and ideas about the usage of the Yaesu FT1-XDE.

Seit einiger Zeit besitze ich ein Yaesu FT1-XDE HandfunkgerĂ€t mit GPS und APRS. Eigentlich bin ich ganz zufrieden mit dem GerĂ€t (vielleicht weil ich einfach noch kein anderes kenne?) aber es gibt doch ein paar Dinge, die ziemlich umstĂ€ndlich gelöst sind. Aber vielleicht muss es fĂŒr einen Funkamateur auch einfach kompliziert sein.

Oder ich habe das GerĂ€t einfach noch nicht gut genug verstanden und es gibt fĂŒr alles eine bessere Lösung. Vielleicht ist das hier ja der Beginn einer Diskussion mit Tipps und Tricks zum FT1-XDE. Ich bin gespannt

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